Duets Legacy Programme

The Duets Legacy Programme is a direct progression route for the Scholars which follows their 2 year training programme at their school.


The first Legacy Programme to be set-up is with the Moorland Primary School, who were part of the ‘Explore and Test’ phase of Duets, funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Arts Council of Wales.

The Legacy Programme focusses on developing the children’s ballet technique further and although delivered in a creative way, they are introduced to barre work and have more time to concentrate on technique.

The weekly sessions are held at Ballet Cymru studios in Newport and a minibus is provided each week to ensure that the children are able to attend and removes any barriers and pressures for the families. This has enabled the attendance to stay consistent and a good way to keep the group together.


This term students have worked with Louise and Krystal from Ballet Cymru and also Charlotte, who delivered contemporary sessions. They also had a visit from Jukebox Collective and participated in a street dance session and learnt more about what classes and courses they could attend with Jukebox.

The Legacy students performed as part of Ballet Cymru’s Christmas Fundraiser which was attended by family, friends and invited guests. The Company joined in the warmup with the children and they also had the lovely opportunity to meet and watch Ballet Cymru’s pre-professionals and company perform.




Legacy Programme during lockdown

Ballet Cymru were determined that Covid-19 wouldn’t stop us being connected with our lovely Duets Legacy Students. So with all the safety procedures in place and the go-ahead from our funders, a weekly Zoom dance session is being held specifically for our Legacy Students. The students have a fantastic programme of dance this term which includes guest teachers from Jukebox Collective, a contemporary session led by Charlotte Hilton and ballet sessions led by the professional dancers at Ballet Cymru. It’s amazing to see the young dancers every week, have a catch-up and still keep dancing together.


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