28 June 2022

Eveswell Primary School Curtain Raiser

“Festival of Dreams’

created by the Duets Scholars, Christine Felkin and Louise Lloyd.

Welcome to Eveswell Primary School’s Festival of Dreams! In this curtain raiser performance, we focused on creating movement and motif’s for the characters you would find at a music festival. Look out for the parking attendant, cleaner, technician, food caterer, photographer, entertainers and festival goers!


Jade Chen

Inayah Abbas

Kyra-shay Bush

Teegan Hooper

Mariam Tufail

Seren Evans

Tayla Bowen

Muhammad Iqbal

Marvi Mian

Llwyd Newnes

Jessie Davey

Eva Kavanagh

Jacob Chapman

Nevah Hobbs

Ballet Cymru would like to thank Christine and Louise and Mrs. Cathy Barnett and all the staff at Eveswell Primary School.