Ballet Cymru


Ballet Cymru

Pillgwenlly Primary School, Riverfront Theatre, Sommerton Primary School and Eveswell Primary School

Pillgwenlly Primary School has worked with Ballet Cymru in the past and also has a good relationship with Riverfront Theatre.

The school has a large intake of pupils with many different backgrounds. Duets will engage with these children on a weekly basis delivering ballet and contemporary dance sessions and following conversations with the Education and Outreach Officer at Riverfront Theatre, additional opportunities will be arranged for the Duets Scholars to engage with the Theatre.

As with all the Duets Scholarship programmes across Wales, it is more than just providing the children with a weekly dance session – by engaging with the partner theatre the children will be exposed to a wealth of information based around the Creative Industries.

“I believe that our pupils will benefit from participation in the Duets programme and develop not only dance skills but also their co-ordination, listening and communication skills and their capacity to work with each other co-operatively. Pupil participation in the programme could motivate and enthuse pupils and in turn make a difference to the children in improving their attendance. These enriching opportunities can literally be life changing for pupils and we would be thrilled to be able to join this programme and develop a partnership with Ballet Cymru.”

Andrew Sheppard

Acting Head Teacher, Pillgwenlly Primary School


The Scholars are working hard to perfect their dance technique with Charlotte and Louise. They are being taught the similarities and technical terms between ballet and contemporary styles of dance.

The Duets Scholars were joined by some Ballet Cymru Company Members who joined in the ballet and contemporary dance sessions. We also welcomed teachers from schools in Poland, Greece, Latvia and Iceland who were visiting Pillgwenlly Primary School to talk about health and well-being and keeping children active. A perfect example for this is the weekly Duets Scholarship Programme.