Audience and families feedback and comments about Duets:

Ballet Cymru, NEW Dance and Ysgol Ty Ffynnon

“Wonderful to see our son be confident in dance and smile at something he did not feel confident about. This has made a difference to his confidence outside of school too”

“ Our daughter enjoys taking part in the weekly sessions and always keen to show different moves and skills that she is learning.  The performance was excellent to watch and to see the hard work all the kids put in and how well they all worked together.  Amazing how far they have come-really looking forward to the next performance!”

“It is so nice to see all of the children dance.  The performance was gorgeous.  Well done to all of you.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I wish that all children could dance like that.  Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!”

“Wow!  Just Wow!!  Well done Scholars!”

“My daughter is really enjoying the ballet and capoeira sessions.  It was lovely to see them perform, the performance at Theatre Clwyd was fantastic and we can’t wait for the next one.  We loved ‘Romeo A Juliet’ that much we wanted to watch it again and again.  We are enjoying keeping up to date with Ballet Cymru on-line and now taking an interest in the dance magazines.  Well done and thank you.”

“It was a brilliant performance and thank you and well done to the 2 ladies who have taught the children”

“Our daughter really enjoys the Duets Dance Sessions.  She is taking it very seriously and teaches us at home what she has learnt each week. Thank you so much for giving her this opportunity”

“Our daughter loves coming to the Duets sessions each week.  She practices what she has learnt at home.  She had a fabulous time going to watch the performance of ‘Romeo A Juliet’ at Theatre Clwyd.”

“An absolutely fantastic opportunity for the school children at Ysgol Ty Ffynnon.  My daughter thoroughly enjoys every session.  Thank you for this opportunity and all the doors it may open and the confidence that my daughter has gained from this experience”

“Thank you so much!!! It was amazing to watch the children perform.  Fantastic dance teachers!”

Ballet Cymru, Jukebox Collective and Moorland Primary School

“I think that the children have come a long way already.  All of the teachers are fab and make the children feel confident.  My daughter loves coming to Duets every week and loves to show us at home what she has learnt”

“Absolutely amazing how the children have come along, they haven’t been doing it that long!  Very proud of my son and the other children. Also the teachers are fab!! Watching this brought happy tears to my eyes.  Well done!”

“It was really amazing. My brows are still raised now! You are all doing a great job and I am really grateful for all of your effort and this opportunity.  Thank you”

“I loved it.  The kids seemed relaxed and happy and enjoyed themselves a lot.  They have improved dramatically and learned quite a few new moves.  An absolutely amazing scholarship and I am so pleased that my son is part of Duets.  Thank you”

“Brilliant.  All the children seemed to enjoy every moment. They have learnt loads of moves and sequences and all showing great confidence.  An excellent activity for positive mind and body.”

“It was so amazing to see these talented kids and teachers perform with such confidence and passion. A real privilege to be given this opportunity – such a joy for the kids and the parents.  Thank you!”

“Really enjoyed the performance.  The street dance was fab.  The teachers are amazing, funny and talented.  Keep up the good work, my children love it”

“Thank you so much for sharing what you are doing – we absolutely loved it.  It’s really great to be able to see what my son is achieving and learning in Duets.  All the children looked so confident and happy – it was a joy to watch.  Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity for our kids.”

“It was fun to watch. The last bit was the best because they did a bit of Tic Tok which was funny.  I loved the energy they gave throughout the dances”

“I was very impressed by how much the children have learnt.  Not only that but how much enthusiasm they all showed”

“I really loved everything about today!  I’m so proud of my daughter and all of the children.  The Duets team did an amazing job.”

Ballet Cymru and Pillgwenlly Primary School

“This afternoon we watched the children perform different dance styles and they have learnt so much. It was very beautiful and fun to watch.”

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to see how much the children have learnt in such a small space of time.  It was amazing!”

“So brilliant to see the confidence grow in my son, thank you!”

“Fantastic! You can see how much the children enjoy it and looks like it is a massive boost for their confidence – brilliant work!”

“All the children enjoyed the ‘warm-up’ with playful movements and stretches and completed with energetic poses.  Some lovely, fun dancing.  I like the idea that you’re are teaching the ballet moves in such a fun and novel way – the children thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  Keep up the good work.”

“Lovely dance moves, brilliant song choices, lovely shapes.  The all held their positions brilliantly and showed nice team work. Thank you for all your hard work.”

“I myself have no clue about ballet dancing but what I saw was incredible.  They are working hard to improve their skills.  I am so happy that my daughter is trying her best to get better and better.  Thank you for everything.  Much appreciated.”

 “An amazing performance demonstrated by the Duets Scholars today.  The teamwork during the dancing was really inspiring and a joy to watch.”

Duets Legacy Students and Ballet Cymru Company members performing as part of the Christmas Fundraiser at Ballet Cymru Studio’s in Newport.