Duets Portal Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Ballet Cymru is committed to protecting your personal data. We will only send you information if we have your consent and we will never sell or share your information to marketing companies. Ballet Cymru will always process all personal data lawfully and be fair and transparent in how we do this.

This Privacy Policy tells you how, as a data controller, we collect and store your data, why we need it and what we do with it. Below you will find a statement about what we are doing to ensure that we comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 .

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, the information you receive or the information we process and store, please contact Duets Project Manager Louise Prosser louiseprosser@welshballet.co.uk


  1. Who are we?
  2. What is the Duets Portal?
  3. Ballet Cymru’s Online Code of Practice
  4. What information do we need from you?
  5. How can you access the Duets Portal?
  6. How is the site kept secure?
  7. Consent and Privacy
  8. Media Consent
  9. What are your rights?
  10. Ballet Cymru’s Duty of Care
  11. Disclaimer
  12. Useful Links
  13. Duets Portal Terms and Conditions

1. Who are we?

Ballet Cymru is a professional ballet company for Wales, committed to inclusion and innovation in dance and classical ballet, and to the highest standard of collaboration.

Ballet Cymru’s extensive Access and Outreach programme is committed to breaking down barriers in accessing the arts.

Ballet Cymru is one of Wales’ leading dance organisations, revenue funded by the Arts Council of Wales and is a registered charity (no. 1000855).

For more information, please visit our web site www.welshballet.co.uk

The Duets programme is an initiative funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Arts Council of Wales for Ballet Cymru to work in partnership with various organisations in order to develop a better infrastructure for dance provision in Wales, create a better supported workforce and more consistent provision for young people to develop careers in dance.

2. What is the Duets Portal?

The Duets Portal has been created to enable the Scholars participating on the Duets Programme to access resources and learning material online.

The Portal is also accessed by Duets Project Partners, Schools and Dance Practitioners as a way of sharing resources and updates on the programme.

3. Ballet Cymru’s Online Code of Practice

Ballet Cymru’s aim is to protect all participants but especially children, young people and vulnerable adults who engage with Ballet Cymru’s digital activities. To ensure is achieved, Ballet Cymru will:

  • Respect the participant’s welfare and safety
  • Communicate, inform and engage positively
  • Provide appropriate and accessible content, suitable for the age and ability of the participant or viewer
  • Ensure confidentiality and online levels of privacy, and acquire consent when necessary
  • Engage with others online using suitably skilled and trusted resources
  • Create a safe online environment
  • Zero tolerance of antisocial online behaviour and any concerns of abuse
  • Work effectively with parents, carers, external organisations and partners to provide professional, safe and trusted digital services and online communications.

4. What information do we need from you?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, Ballet Cymru is allowed to collect and process personal information as long we have a valid, lawful reason for doing so, and have your consent to legally acquire your personal data for the purposes of the specific activity. We will always process this information securely.

Ballet Cymru may request personal data from individuals to enable users to engage online. We give separate distinct (‘granular’) options to consent separately to different purposes and types of processing.

For the purposes of accessing this site, we request the following details;

  1. From the School Representative:
    1. Child’s Full Name
    2. Contact details of the Child’s Parent or Carer (if under 18 years of age)
    3. Contact details of the Safeguarding Officer or representative from each School involved in the programme
  2. From Duets project partners:
    1. Full name and email address of relevant contacts in the organisation
  3. From Duets dance practitioners
    1. Full name and email address

These details will not be published on the portal and retained only for the specific purpose of the Duets Programme.

5. How can you access the Duets Portal?

Once the Project Manager has received the relevant contact details from you as listed above, you will receive via email a link to the Duets portal. Click on the link to access the home page of the portal. A password will be provided separately and will need to be keyed into the intranet page. On completion you should be able to access the Duets portal.

6. How is the site kept secure?

In addition to the main public facing website, the Duets website also features a separate ‘Portal’, which means it is not available for public use and is strictly private. It can only be accessed via a secure link and password, issued by the Duets Project Manager.

7. Consent and Privacy

Ballet Cymru has clearly defined levels of access rights to online sites. Ballet Cymru uses secure (password protected) devices with appropriate security software installed.

The log in details are for the specific use of this site and are not to be shared, forwarded or disclosed to anyone else, unless authorised by the Duets Project Manager.

Content of the site is not to be shared, copied or disclosed to anyone else.

Access may be denied to anyone found to be in breach of these conditions.

Log in details will be updated regularly and on completion of the programme.

The Duets Portal is not to be accessed by any other individual or 3rd party unless authorised by Ballet Cymru.

Online safety controls are reviewed and updated regularly to limit risks.

Ballet Cymru may wish to contact the participant (or his/her representative) and request consent to access their contact details for communication purposes. Details will not be circulated or published at any time, and will be deleted once the participant completes their course of activity with Ballet Cymru whilst they are participating on the programme, as and when required to do so.

If participants are under the official age to have their own online account, Ballet Cymru staff will need to communicate through their parents or carers. Relevant guidance is available online to help set up safe controls for children on devices at home www.internetmatters.org/parental-controls

8. Media Consent

Written permission from parents or carers or through school representatives will be obtained before photographs or videos of participants are published on Ballet Cymru’s web site, intranet site, social media pages or to third party publications, eg local press. Under no circumstances should images with consent for use be shared online other than for specific use on Ballet Cymru’s official web sites and social media pages.

9. What are your rights?

Ballet Cymru endeavours to comply with current data protection principles and has a Company Safeguarding policy in place to ensure all activities are compliant. Children have the same rights as adults over their personal data.

To comply with the data protection principles, Ballet Cymru requests that anyone under the age of 18 obtains consent from their parent or guardian before providing any personal information to Ballet Cymru. Without this consent, users are not allowed to provide us with their personal information.

With respect to the information Ballet Cymru possesses, the user has the rights of access, rectification, erasure, and restriction. The user also has the right to object to processing. The user may request access to the information Ballet Cymru has about them. The user may also request the correction, amendment, or deletion of any information about them that is inaccurate. The user may exercise any of these rights by contacting the Duets Project Manager.

10. Ballet Cymru’s Duty of Care

Ballet Cymru has a Duty of Care to users of the Duets Portal. Only Ballet Cymru’s Education Project Managers and staff authorised by the Senior Management of Ballet Cymru are permitted to communicate directly with participants, parents or external organisations involved in Ballet Cymru’s online programmes.

Staff and representatives of Ballet Cymru have a duty to ensure all interactions online are appropriate and relevant.

Ballet Cymru will give equal priority to keeping participants safe, regardless of their age, race, religion or belief, sex, disability, gender reassignment or sexual orientation.

All staff and representatives of Ballet Cymru who engage with people online will be given clear instruction and training on interacting with people digitally.

Reporting Procedures

As a matter of priority, and in consultation with the above members of staff, the immediate Health and Safety of the children must take priority.

Serious incidents should be reported immediately to Ballet Cymru’s Designated Safeguarding Officers for the Duets Programme to decide whether further action is needed:

Duets Project Manager Louise Prosser louiseprosser@welshballet.co.uk

Access and Outreach Officer Louise Lloyd louiselloyd@welshballet.co.uk

Ballet Cymru will deal appropriately and quickly with hoax emails, ‘Zoombombing’ and any other online threats.

Cyberbullying will not be tolerated.

Further action may involve Ballet Cymru Senior Management, partner organisations, social services, local authorities and/or the police.

11. Disclaimer

Ballet Cymru makes every effort to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up-to-date. We cannot, however, accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by reliance on inaccurate material contained in this site.

Ballet Cymru reserves the right to change this privacy statement and will publish a revised privacy policy that reflects such changes as required by current UK regulations, which can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office web site www.ico.org.uk

12. Useful Links

Users of this site should be made aware of resources freely available online to help set up appropriate controls and privacy settings on networks, equipment and devices to provide a safer online experience.

Ballet Cymru’s Duets Programme is supported by:

13. Duets Portal Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions set out how we, Ballet Cymru will provide the Services to you.

Ballet Cymru is a company registered in England and Wales company number 02535169 and registered charity no. 1000855.

Our registered office is: Ballet Cymru, 1 Wern Trading Estate Rogerstone Newport NP10 9FQ.


This website and its contents are copyright Ballet Cymru, all rights reserved. Reproduction of all or any part of the contents in any form is prohibited. No part of the site may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose without express approval. third party material used in online content should be credited and comply with copyright.


We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information but cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose online. You accept the inherent security risks of providing the information over the internet and will not hold Ballet Cymru responsible for any breach of security unless this is due to the negligence or wilful default of Ballet Cymru.


The unauthorised use of the Duets logos, Ballet Cymru logos, or any third party logos accessed via this website, is not permitted.

Copyright in media on this site

The images and media on this website are, unless otherwise stated, copyright Ballet Cymru.

No other images on this site may be reproduced in any format other than for fair comment unless permission is granted by Ballet Cymru.

Linked sites

Some links on this website are intended to take you to other websites. These are provided for your convenience and inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement or approval by Ballet Cymru of the linked site, its operator or its content. In addition, we do not endorse or control the policies or practices of any third party social network whose functionality you may access through our website or social media pages.

Sites linked from the Duets portal are present only because they may contain helpful supplements to the data we publish. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read any terms and conditions and policies applicable to such third-party sites.


Cookies are small text files that are put onto your device when you visit a website. They usually collect and store the information that you provide. For example, your password or your address may already be typed in as the cookies on that website are remembering them.

Virus protection

We make every effort to check material published on this website. We recommend you run an anti-virus programme on all material downloaded from the internet. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using material derived from this website.

Data protection information

Ballet Cymru will process the data provided by you for the purposes of the Duets Programme in accordance with Data Protection laws. We may disclose this data to any person or organisation for the purposes for which it was collected or where the Data Protection Act 2018 allows it. We will not forward information relating to you, as a data subject, to any unrelated third party.